Because this was a business meeting there is very little that we can talk about. But there are a couple of things we can share with everyone.

First off, we have decided that November and April meetings will be business meetings. What this means for guests is that these meetings will be closed to the public so that we can take care of Chapter only business. The decisions that we make in these meetings need to be voted on by members only. We do things in these meetings to move our Chapter forward under the guidelines set by the over all organization.

Second our Historian Vernell Gwynn went over the schedule events for the next year. The whole schedule will be out in about September but will say that our September meeting to kick off the new year will be 9:00am Saturday September 10th at Golden Coral. She was excited to announce that our speaker will be Virgil Goode.

Last, our June meeting we can and will have visitors. We will have our annual June meeting in Greenhill Cemetery at 3pm at the Confederate Memorial. Come and hear Mr. Ronnie Roach speak. We have had the pleasure of hearing him speak in the past and enjoyed it. Come and enjoy the fellowship and don’t forget your lawn chair.

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Chapter President Sharon Jennings leading the meeting.

Historian Vernell Gwynn provides next year’s event schedule.