On June 5th, 2016, the UDC Chapter met at Green Hill Cemetery at 3pm. Guest and SCV members, who had placed Confederate flags on Confederate graves along the road leading to the memorial, joined us.

After President Sharon Jennings welcomed everyone, Vice President Courtney Bailey led the prayer and salute to the flags. We then got an introduction by Historian Vernell Gwynn of our guest speaker, Mr. Ronnie Roach.

The subject of his speech was about Memorial Day being observed and not celebrated. “We are paying homage to our ancestors who died in war,” he said to us. Not only are we paying homage to those who died in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the War on Terror but also our Confederate dead who died doing what they believe in.

He also talked about those that would say ‘The war was 150 years ago, get over it.’ Also those that would say ‘Get over it, you lost.’ His statement to that is “It’s not over until we say so.” The implication is to show respect for those that fought for what they believe in and those that did what they were ordered to do even if they don’t like it. (Like our Military does today)

Next, Mr. Roach talked about how we pay homage to our ancestors by erecting monuments. These monuments are to remember those who died in the war for may different reasons. Reasons that would include protecting their home and family to States’ Rights. We may never know all of the reasons.

He also went over the North Carolina regiments that lost men and had casualties. Over all, 750,000 died in the war with 300,000 of them from the south. Some of the Southern dead were buried far from home so we also pay homage to the families who had to live life without them because they went to war and also the struggle to make the arrangements to bring the dead home for burial. After Mr. Roach’s presentation, he was presented with gifts to include a beautiful framed picture of the Sutherlin Mansion.

Next on the agenda was Mr. Raul West. We enjoyed as he sang for us “God Save the South”. Following the music was a poem recited by Diane Barbour. She read “The Jacket of Gray” by Caroline Augusta Ball with some actor portal by our own Jessica Reavis and another member of the 18th VA Reenactors.

We ended the day with the placing of the wreath by Christina Wyatt, a 21 Gun Salute, and a group picture.

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Memorial Day Meeting at Green Hill Cemetery

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Our President Sharon Jennings opening the meeting

Mr. Raul West singing “God Save the South”

Mr. Ronnie Roach giving his presentation

The 18th VA Reenactors

Diane Barbour reciting “The Jacket of Gray”

Mr. Roach receiving his gifts