Third District Virginia Division Conference

On May 2, 2015, for the first time in 8 years, Danville Virginia was the site for the Third District Virginia Division Conference. Here are pictures from that day.

Chapter Pictures

Chapter Name: Anne Eliza Johns  Virginia Division

Our chapter sign in the window to the conference room.

Division banner hanging from the podium

This is what was waiting at every seat.

VA Division Vice President Eleanor Price

2nd VA Div. Vice President Pat Graves

VA Division President Suzie Snyder

3rd VA Div. Vice President Robin King

VA Div. Recording Secretary Sharon Loving

VA Div. Treasurer Sandra Wright

VA Div. Registrar Helen Webster

VA Div. Historian Jo Ann Fickleing

VA Div. Recorder of Military Service Awards Jean Frawner

Custodian Susan Carraway

VA Div. Asst. Registrar Annette Wetzel

The Welcoming Committee Dee Smith and Sandy Bolen