We met at Golden Corral in Danville, VA on September 9th at 9am for our first meeting of the year. After having a wonderful buffet breakfast and fellowship, we started our meeting. We welcomed three new Daughters into our Chapter. We welcomed Joan Davis, Reba McDaniel, and Cynthia Hewett. Welcome ladies!

Our speaker that day was Virgil Goode. He spoke on History and Politics. After sharing that he has a Confederate ancestor, he started to discuss how to get a bill to cover all the monuments and not just the recent ones. One way is for someone that supports the bill to run for office. We could also encourage people who support our monuments to register to vote. But one of the most important ones is to elect those that care about the History of the USA first! Above all, get involved with what your Senators and Representatives are doing for the state as well as the federal level.

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Opening meeting for the new year and more.

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Vernell Gwynn welcoming new Daughters Christie Gregory, Norma Johns, and Gail Pacini.

Vernell Gwynn welcoming Linda Yeatts into the Chapter

We welcomed the above new Daughters Joan Davis, Reba McDaniel, and Cynthia Hewett.

Virgil Goode speaking during our opening UDC meeting for the year.

On November 5th, we had a last minute change of plans so we met in the Chapter room.  Because this changed into a business meeting, I am not able to write about much of the meeting, but I can say we welcomed three new members. Christie Gregory, Norma Johns, and Gail Pacini. We also introduced Linda Yeatts. Her application was approved, but we have not yet received her certificate.

There was also request for prayers for some of our members and family members who are fighting illnesses.

On December 3rd, we met in the auditorium of the museum to enjoy our annual Christmas meeting. We welcomed Linda Yeatts with her certificate. Welcome Linda!

Next, Ellen Beville introduced our speaker, Patrick Womack. He spoke about his book on his ancestor, James Womack, titled ‘A Son of Pittsylvania County Joins the Confederacy (And Other Adventures)’. Patrick’s father gained family documents from his ancestor’s old homestead. The documents contained letters, records, and other documents from before, during, and after the war. The information contained over 215 years of his family’s history. He pointed out that James was his Confederate ancestor, but he didn’t survive the war. He died in 1864.

The documents Mr. Womack attained contained information for other families. This included slave genealogies that he has shared with the descendents.

After Mr. Womack spoke, we enjoyed refreshments from our Christmas party.

Patrick Womack speaking on his book

Due to recent deaths in the Chapter, there will be updates later when the memorials can be prepared.