September 8th brings in new members. This was somewhat a business meeting so I can talk about part of what we did that day.

Starting the meeting, we had a wonderful brunch from Midtown market. Next, we welcomed four new members, pictured above, as well as presented Dianne McMahon with a Supplemental for another ancestor. Welcome ladies.

We sat quietly while Ricky Pritchett talked and showed us a plaque in honor of his late wife Nancy Pritchett. The plaque was placed on her flag site later that day. Those that knew her well will tell you she is still very much missed.

Our presentation of the day comes from Charla Compton from the Mildred Lee Chapter number 74. She read us a section of the book that painted a picture of the life the solders went through. It put in perspective what all our ancestors when through during the war. It recounts battles the Captain was in as well as his imprisonment. Thanks Charla for sharing.

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September 2018 brings in more members!

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More new members

             On November 3rd, we met in the Chapter room for a business meeting. This will be short and sweet because there is very limited of what can be told. I can share a few things with you that we find as wonderful news.

We have four new members! That’s right! Four more! Welcome to all of you ladies to our wonderful organization.

Last but certainty not least, Peggy Looney got her 10 year membership pin. Thank you Peggy for being a member for over ten years… and counting.

We are now looking forward to the next meeting. This will be our Christmas program with goodies to eat and sharing again. This time instead of us, it is our ancestors.

From left to right: Dianne McMahon receiving one of her Supplementals, New members: Emily Towler, Mary Barbour, Lori Ingram, and Janice Simmons.

Peggy Looney receiving her 10 year member pin

Ricky Pritchett holds up a plaque to be placed on a memorial in memory of his wife Nancy.

The plaque of Nancy Pritchett after placement

Charla Compton, member of the Mildred Lee Chapter 74, giving her presentation.

Reminiscences of a Rebel by Wayland Fuller Dunaway

Welcome Gerri Broyles-Lamie

Welcome Julie Baldwin

Welcome Kalee Gibson

Welcome Jessica Pritchett