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Sally Lou Oakes

             The Real Granddaughters of the Confederacy

It was a sad day when the members of the Anne Eliza Johns Chapter received word that Sally Lou Oakes passed away. She had been a member of the UDC since August 15,1977. Some of our younger members were not born yet. At the time of her death, she was 101 years old. She was the granddaughter of William H. Oakes, her Confederate ancestor. Our member, Vernell Gwynn, knew her well. It is only suitable to have her words to commemorate the life of Sally Lou Oakes.

Sally Lou Oakes 10/12/1914 to 9/6/2016

I was blessed to have known Mrs. Sally Lou Oakes. When I joined the UDC and saw her ancestor was an Oakes, I started doing some research.  Her grandfather, William H. Oakes, was the brother to my GG grandfather, Thomas H. Oakes. They also had 2 brothers, Christopher and Edward, that lost their lives in the War Between the States. Sally was a very alert person and told me many stories about the family. I would try to go see her on special occasions and carry her candy, flowers, or stuffed animals.  I always told her they were from the UDC ladies. I went to her birthday party when she turned 100.  She would always ask how was Margaret Milam and Mrs. Ellie Holton (Helen Harris's mother) and would call some names of members that had long passed away.  

She was born October 12, 1914 to Sidney Buford Oakes and Sallie Lou Fallin Oakes.  She was an Oakes and married Thomas Bernard Oakes, no relation. She taught school for thirty-nine years. Sally joined our Anne Eliza Johns Chapter in 1977.

Vernell W. Gwynn

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Sally Lou Oakes

10/12/1914 to 9/6/2016