†††††††††††† On March 2nd, the Chapter meet in the chapter room to hear Ivan Nielsen give us facts he found about the Confederacy.

The information was a collection of Confederate facts that most folks donít know. For example, the Dr. Pepper soft drink was said to have been named after a Confederate surgeon, Charles T. Pepper. Another example is Coca-cola original creator was Confederate Colonel John Pemberton. He was wounded in the war and became addicted to morphine. He was trying to find a substitute for the drug andÖ I think everyone knows from there what was placed in the drink to curb his need for the morphine.

Also, March 2nd is also Confederate Flag Day. When this was announced, we all reached for our phones and looked it up. (Not that we doubted you Ivan. Just looking of details.)

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A Rhapsody of information

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Chapter News

††††† We are having a ball. An Old South Ball on April 13, 2019. Please see the flyer to the right and get your tickets. Feel free to send the chapter an email if you need other information. Email address is: aejohnsudc@gmail.com.

Dig out our period dress clothes and join the fun. Donít have period clothes, no problem. Formal attire will do the job.

If you attended the ball last year, it is in the same place, Gentry Farm. Hope to see you there to have a wonderful time dancing period dances and enjoy the fellowship.

We ended the meeting with advising the date of our next meeting and it is a business meeting. This means it is closed to the public.

Donít forget about your ticket for the Old South Ball. Itís only $25. Get your tickets soon before we are sold out!

††††† Itís that time of year again!